The computer on the left is named Sage, and is running Linux. The computer on the left, named Weed, is running windows, and is normally left powered down. Sage must stay powered on at all times, because it is logging weather, taking photos, serving the www , and so on. The A-B box selects between the two. You can always use Weed, but sage has the DVD drive installed.

If you are unfamiliar with Linux, a few easy commands will do everything you need. The login banner should give you a movie user. If not, logout of the previous user (using either the icons or type "exit" in every open window). The password for this user is sagemovie, and is restricted to console login. Once logged in, click on the "shell" icon and type in commands. The "ls" command will show what movies are on the harddisk already. You can insert a DVD into the system as follows:

eject dvd

Now insert the DVD in the open tray.

close dvd

The exact same proceedure can be used with CDROMS by substituting "cdrom" instead of "dvd". All commands must be lower case. The preferred player is "mplayer". Example commands to play a movie are:

mplayer ghostbusters.avi

mplayer /dvd/my_rented_ movie.avi

mplayer /cdrom/matthews_ripoff.mpg

The Ctrl-Alt-+ (ctrl alt and '+' simulaneously) will change the display size and mouse can be used to size and position the screen. The 'p' will pause and 'q' will quit. Up and down arrows will fast-forward/rewind. There is also a readme file that can be read with the command "more readme". The command "man mplayer" will give you more information than you can use.

Have Fun.