Please see the M38 Gallery.

The M38 was bought almost 15 years ago, but serious restoration work began in November 2013. The 1951 vehicle, which had been rear-ended, had the entire rear-half of the body cut off, and heavy steel diamond plate welded in its place. The original semi-gloss olive drab paint was covered in white, brown, yellow and light blue paint.

Brittany found an M38 body on ebay for a fantastic price (after I mentioned I missed one at three times the price-and we would never find another). The new body can be seen in the gallery; it was painted green, purple, and black, with very thick layers of bondo. The front half of the new body was in very poor shape, so we cut the two bodies in half, and welded together the best of both. Paint and bondo were painfully removed with wire brush and angle grinder. Matthew did all the serious mechanical work, while I did electrical and body work.

The tranny was rebuilt, radiator flushed, and brakes rebuilt. In order to get one of the brake hubs off, Matthew had a gear puller engaged for 25 minutes with a propane torch blasting the hub. (About 3 gear pullers were destroyed....Habor Freight).

The best summary of the vehicle is:

Originally 24V, the electrical was long ago converted to 12V. The alternator appears to be from a Ford tractor (replaced summer 2014). All wires except ignition were replaced during the restoration, and a fuse box was added (!). All lights are new, and the badly corroded front blackout lights were retrofitted with new 12V sockets.

As of Junuary 2014, the M38 runs fine (a little rod knock), is street legal, and regularly used on and off road.

Sage Conditions

  • Local Time: Mon Aug 20 23:45 PDT
  • Today's Sunrise: 06:19
  • Today's Sunset: 19:38
  • Today's Moonrise: 15:48
  • Today's Moonset: 1:23
  • The Moon is UP
  • Moon age: 10.1 days
  • Moon phase: Waxing Gibbous
  • Next new moon: 9/9/18 11:02 PDT
  • Illuminated fraction: 77.2%
  • Moon Distance: 402493 km
    measured from center of earth
  • Astro. Dawn: 04:49 - 06:19
  • Astro. Dusk: 19:38 - 21:09
  • Outside Temp: 32.0!F
  • Inside Temp: 82.9 F
  • Obs Out. Temp: 57.8 °F
  • Obs In. Temp: 49.6 °F
  • Humidity: 0!%
  • Cloud Cover: [Graph]
  • Astro Calendar: 14d 30d 60d

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A weather page for this location is at Weather Underground

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The David and Kathleen Beccue home page is found at

Cabin & Observatory Info

Information is here on cold weather water startup, cold weather water shutdown, and playing movies on the computer upstairs.

A GPL raytrace program, for telescope design is available here: raytrace.tgz.

The philosophy behind an observatory design is documented here.

Andrew's site is here and blog is here . Angels and Ministers of Grace, defend us!


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