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Go to the well house. As you open the door, you will see a large green tank on the back wall. This is the pressure tank, and the inlet is on the right. On the ground to the right is a black pressure pump which supplies the pressure for the cabin. On the left of the pressure tank is the water outlet, which tees upwards and downwards. Near the tee on the pipe going upwards is a ball valve. In the off state, the handle of the valve is horizontal, at a right angle to the pipe. Turn this ball valve ¼ turn so that it is parallel with the pipe. There is now water pressure to the cabin, and you should hear water flowing into the filters and pipes.

On the floor, on the bottom side of the tee, will be another ball valve. It too, should be closed. Open this ball valve (handle parallel to the pipe), and water pressure should be avialable to the outside water spigots and irrigation system.

In the cabin, several water taps should be open. They can be closed now. Water should begin filling the toilet and hot water heater. The water will take from 5 to 15 minutes to arrive, and may be noisy as air is forced out of the systems. If water is not available at all taps in 15 minutes, something is wrong. Look everywhere near plumbing in the cabin for burst pipes or water. Outside, near spigots, hoses, in the garage, and in the orchard, check for burst pipes.


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