(photos will be added here.)

Go to the pump house. As you enter, on the back wall, is a large green tank, the pressure tank. The water outlet is on the lower left and tees. Just above the tee, on the verticle pipe, is a ball valve. Turn it so that it is at a right angle to the pipe. On the other side of the tee, going along the floor towards the door, is another ball valve. Turn it so that it is at a right angle to the pipe as well.

On the wall to the left of the entrance is a thermostatically controlled heater. Insure that the knob on it is set to 4 or 5. Close and latch the door. It is very important that the door is closed and latched, or the entire pump house could freeze.

Back in the cabin, turn on the cold water tap in the kitchen to a trickle. Do the same in the bathroom, and flush the toilet. If it is the last week of the month, but half a container of root killer in the toilet before flushing. Even though the water is off to the cabin, water will continue to flow for some time. There is substantial pressure stored in the filters and pipes.

When leaving the cabin, it is crucial to be sure all windows and doors are closed. Once the kitchen window was left open and the metal kitchen faucet literally exploded from the residual water in it. Minimum recorded temperatures have been in the single digits, but the inside of the cabin will not go below freezing if windows are closed.

That's it. Enjoy.