(8th Century Crucifix courtesy David Beccue)

Sage Webcam
Camera viewing observatory from window.... (Thanks for fixing this Drew.)

Sage Inside Webcam
Picture from inside the observatory.

webcam history page

Sometimes the only thing to look at...

Sept 2004

Here is a test case to see if we have enough bandwidth to transmit MP3. The following is an MP3 of radio emission from Sol. (Thanks to radiojove.)
Bitrates of 8, 10, 12, 16, & 24:

Sage Conditions

  • Local Time: Wed May 25 13:36 PDT
  • Today's Sunrise: 05:44
  • Today's Sunset: 20:02
  • Today's Moonrise: 23:17
  • Today's Moonset: 9:05
  • The Moon is DOWN
  • Moon age: 18.5 days
  • Moon phase: Waning Gibbous
  • Next new moon: 6/4/16 20:01 PDT
  • Illuminated fraction: 85.1%
  • Moon Distance: 387336 km
    measured from center of earth
  • Astro. Dawn: 04:02 - 05:44
  • Astro. Dusk: 20:02 - 21:44
  • Outside Temp: 56.8 F
  • Inside Temp: 59.0 F
  • Obs Out. Temp: 57.8 °F
  • Obs In. Temp: 49.6 °F
  • Humidity: 38 %
  • Cloud Cover: [Graph]
  • Astro Calendar: 14d 30d 60d

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Current Local Weather

LIVE wx200d/1.3 interface
Most Recent Weather Ouput
Daily weather plot Find more about Weather in Frazier Park, CA
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External links

A weather page for this location is at Weather Underground

NOAA weather prediction: NOAA (long & lat) NOAA

The David and Kathleen Beccue home page is found at

Cabin & Observatory Info

Information is here on cold weather water startup, cold weather water shutdown, and playing movies on the computer upstairs.

A GPL raytrace program, for telescope design is available here: raytrace.tgz.

The philosophy behind an observatory design is documented here.

Andrew's site is here and blog is here . Angels and Ministers of Grace, defend us!


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